Tweak to URL structure: Add location, exclude unnecessary words from the slug.
Research on Domain Authority, Moz (& others) mentioned that having location info (ie: keywords) in URLs is a huge booster.
Our URLs use shorthand instead of spelling out the locations that we cover, ie "ca" instead of "Canada" and "AB" instead of "Alberta." Sites that cover a huge swath of a region or the world make sure to include full locations in their URLs, like Patch, and even CNN follow this logic.
Could we expand our URLs, to include the names of the country, state, and city written out?
I realize that to follow SEO best practices we should also limit URLs to 124 characters. With that in mind, could we exclude short words from the slug?
Example:''the'', ''in'', ''at'' (Wordpress excludes these automatically from their URL slugs)
Note: The title that is picked up by search engines (title of the page), shouldn't exclude the short words, if possible.