As a Narcity Mobile app User, I am able to change the text size under settings, so that I choose the text size that is most suitable for my reading pleasure on the device I am using
AC1) User is able to tap on profile and under preference see an option for Text Size
AC2) Tapping on the Text Size, provides user with the following text size options to pick from:
1. Small
2. Medium
3. Large
4. Extra Large
5. Jumbo
AC3) Upon selection, when the user navigates back to the Home, Favorites or Search tab all news item shown and content within them are displayed on the selected text size
This is a must have for any news app and will help provide a richer user experience by taking into account the reading needs of each user.
Background information:
The NY Times mobile app offers a very nice feature to change the text size of the content displayed on the app.
City News app has a TT icon at the top of each news story that allows the user to change the text size.